Dual Media Series Water Softener & Conditioner

DM Softener includes Watts W100 control valve, dual chamber Vortech tank and 18″ x 36″ brink tank. The combination of two technologies in one tank reduces costs, while still having the carbon and resin in separate chambers, ensuring proper contact time and no media migration.Carbon can be replaced without replacing the resin, and the system has a lower pressure drop than twin tank systems. Space saving design features Vortech tank technology for design features Vortech tank technology for higher backwash rates and float valve to prevent brine overflow.
There water softeners have no gravel bed reducing cost and weight. Tanks are NSF certified and in USA assembled.

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– Soft water to every fixture in home. It is not recommended to drink softened water beacuase of the minor sodium content, but is perfectly safe to drink.
– Reduction in chlorides.
– “Silky smooth” bathing & showering water. Get that smooth sudsy lather.
– 4-Stage filtration process to remove impurities.
– No more water spots on glassware and shower doors.
– Hard water scale prevention to extend life of the plumbing, water heater and other water using appliances.
– Water hardness reduced to less than 1 grain per gallon (gpg).
– Use up to 50% less soap and cleaning products.
– System automatically regenerates based on your personal water usage, not time, saving you money.
– System includes softener tank which holds the dual media resins and separate brine tank which holds the softener pellets.
– System operates on either sodium chloride or potassium chloride softener pellets.


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