Chloramine Solutions


    • 3 micron filter rated for Chloramine reduction and able to filter >50,000 gallons of water at 7 gallons per minute with greater than 85% reduction ability
    • Clean, filtered water at every faucet in your home
    • Protection from impurities, heavy metals odors, tastes and impurities
    • Designed for easy filter changes
    • Manufactured from NSF 61 certified coconut shell carbon
    • The cartridge tank is certified to NSF 42 standards
    • Can be combined with other water treatment systems to address a variety of problems and helps prolong the life of other systems

What is Chloramine?

Chloramine is a common addition to water by water districts to help treat the water. Is often used as a secondary disinfectant to help prevent the growth of bacteria in the water supply. Chloramine as a lower tendency than free chlorides to convert materials into chlorocarbon compounds such as chloroform and carbon tetrachloride – which are both known carcinogens.

What problems does Chloramine cause?

High chlorides or chloramine levels in the water, while beneficial for killing bacteria, can cause other problems. High levels of chlorides and chloramines have been known to reduce the lifespan of water softening resins, reduce the life of carbon (commonly used in water filters), it can cause oxidation of RO membranes and can cause death in aquarium environments.

Chloramines are also a cause of pinhole leaks in copper pipes. These small leaks can lead to mold growth inside the walls of a house. Chloramine also has the potential to leach lead from old pipes and it can cause rubber (like certain toilet parts) to corrode.

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