Many parts of the country deal with hard water, including southern California. Left unchecked, hard water damage can shorten the lifespans of your plumbing fixtures and appliances. Plus, you could have leaks and other serious problems from hard water. In fact, one of the best ways to save money and get more use out of your plumbing is by protecting your system from hard water damage. Here are ways to do that.

Whole Home Water Softener

A water softener system diverts the water coming into your home from the main supply line for treatment. Therefore, every part of your home’s plumbing will enjoy protection from hard water.

The water that passes through a water softener gets treated with either potassium chloride or sodium chloride. The processing method reduces water hardness to one grain per gallon of dissolved minerals. Therefore, your home’s plumbing system has protection from the damage these minerals. Plus, you won’t need as much soap or detergent for cleaning since softened water lathers better. 

Water Conditioner System

Water conditioner systems are designed for homes in which people cannot use salt-based water softeners due to health reasons. These systems don’t physically soften the water, but they do reduce scale build up that can contribute to leaks and reduced lifespan of your plumbing appliances. Therefore, if you cannot use a water softener, the Healthy Home water conditioner system will still help protect your plumbing from hard water damage.

Connect with Best Home Water Treatment Systems to Prevent Hard Water Damage

If you want to stop hard water damage before you need to prematurely replace your water heater or invest in repiping due to leaks, reach out to us at Best Home Water Treatment Systems. We can install either a whole home water softener or a water conditioner to protect your plumbing fixtures and pipes from hard water harm. Plus, you can enjoy filtered water that tastes better from all the faucets in your home.