Your water has a variety of additives and contaminants that can impact its safety and flavor. Among the additives is chlorine. You don’t have to settle for drinking water that vaguely smells of a swimming pool. With a whole home water treatment system, you can reduce chlorine in your water and improve its taste and smell.

Why Is Chlorine in Water?

Chlorine and chloramine are chemicals that water treatment plants regularly add to incoming water from lakes, reservoirs, and underground sources. Because water passed through a natural, germ-filled environment on its way to the treatment plant, it likely picked up various forms of bacteria and other microbes. Chlorine and chloramines act as disinfectants, killing germs in the water and making it safe to drink, but both can impact the smell and taste of water.

Why You Should Want to Reduce Chlorine

After the chlorine kills germs in the water, you don’t need it any longer. In fact, if you have fish, you must remove the chlorine and chloramines, which can kill the fish in an aquarium. Dialysis patients and many others who use water for medical reasons must also use water with chlorine and chloramine removed. Even if you don’t have a life-or-death reason for removing chlorine from your water, you may still want to reduce the amount to make your water taste better.

How a Salt Free Water Conditioner Can Reduce Chlorine

A salt free water conditioner is one way to reduce chlorine in your drinking water. The water undergoes filtration and conditioning as soon as it enters the house. The filtration process helps to reduce the chloramine and chlorine in your water. You get water from every tap with less chlorine in it. Therefore, your plants, pets, and people can have better water than before.

Find Out More About Your Options to Chlorine in Your Drinking Water from Us at Oceanus

Improve the quality and flavor of every sip of water from your tap. Find out more about our Healthy Home water conditioner system and how it can reduce chlorine in your home’s water through filtration and conditioning.  Contact us at Oceanus to find out more about the size of water treatment system you need for your home and how to have one installed or to learn about our other water treatment options to reduce chlorine. We’ll help you get the best water throughout your home with quality treatment systems.