Drinking water is important for keeping you hydrated and healthy. However, you don’t have to rely on single-use water bottles to get your supply of water away from home. In fact, you can recreate the same type of water used by commercial water bottlers at home from your kitchen. When you learn how to get pure water at home, you can cut your waste and budget.

Bottled Water Waste

Plastic water bottles contribute significantly to landfill waste and pollution. Despite ostensibly being recyclable, up to 75% of water bottles do not get recycled in the United States. Those that do go into recycle bins travel overseas for transformation into other products in China. This overseas transport can contribute to greenhouse gases from the exhaust produced by the ocean freighters. So, using water bottles produces a negative impact on the environment.

Additionally, the bottled water produced and sold in the same state does not fall under federal jurisdiction from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These types of bottled water account for the majority of brands sold, making regulation and guarantee of quality of these products difficult. Plus, those products that are regulated by the FDA can also have issues, but bottled water recalls often do not get the same press that food or drug recalls receive.

So, what can you do to avoid the possible issues of bottled water?

Better Drinking Water on the Go

You can get better drinking water on the go. The first thing that you need is a hydration bottle, also known as a water bottle. These come in many different styles, forms, and sizes. Choose a material that you can easily care for. Options include plastic-free metal and glass bottles if you want to reduce plastic use in your life.

Many public places, schools, and office buildings are integrating purified, refrigerated water dispensers into their water fountains. These dispensers are specifically made to make using your personal water bottle easier. Plus, you get cold, purified water for free and without the plastic bottle waste. But, what do you do when you’re at home?

Improve Your Home’s Drinking Water

At home, you can also get the same purified water that you drink from commercially bottled water. With a home water filtration system, you can enjoy filtered water. To get even purer water, use a reverse osmosis water treatment device. These systems remove almost all contaminants and impurities from water, leaving you with the best water you can get from a tap.

Use the purified water for drinking, cooking, and to fill your hydration bottle before leaving home. When you do, you will enjoy clean-tasting water that doesn’t require you to buy or waste plastic bottles.

Contact Oceanus for Filtration or Purification Options to Improve Your Home’s Tap Water

Get started on your quest to enjoy pure water from home. Contact us at Oceanus to schedule a visit for installation of a reverse osmosis water purification system. Additionally, you can browse our website, BestHomeWaterTreatmentSystems.com, for other ways to treat your home’s water to filter, soften, or condition it. Let Oceanus bring the flavor of bottled water to your home’s tap while helping you to cut down on plastic waste.








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