If you have a water softener that uses salt, you will need to regularly refill the unit. However, the process comes with many questions, especially for first time water softening system owners. Here are some common questions and answers to the process of adding salt to your home’s softener.

Type of Salt to Use

With a water softener in your home, you can use either potassium chloride or sodium chloride. While people typically refer to the latter as “salt,” both products are considered salts by chemists and safe for use. Potassium chloride is a good alternative if you need to limit sodium consumption. However, talk to your doctor because many people who must limit sodium must also balance the amount of potassium that they take in. If your doctor does not want you to use a salt-based water softening system, you can use a salt-free water conditioner as an alternative.

When choosing the type of salt, use recommended salt for water softening resin tanks. The large size of the chunks, crystals, or pellets of this type of salt work better than the fine grains of table salt. Using table salt can cause the unit to require frequent cleaning of the tank. It also raises the chances of mushing, which happens when salt crystalizes at the bottom of the tank, compromising the softener’s performance.

How Much Salt to Use in a Regeneration Cycle

In a regeneration cycle, you will use several pounds of salt. Smaller DR-70 units from Oceanus use 11.5 pounds of salt. Larger DR-90 devices will require 12.5 pounds of salt. Always use salt for softeners to prevent mushing and other serious problems.

How Long Is a Regeneration Cycle?

The regeneration cycle is how long the water softener uses all the sodium ions from the salt in the brine tank. Check the salt tank. You should have the tank about half filled with salt. If it is below this amount or if the water is above the salt level, add more salt. Filling the tank more than halfway increases the chances of bridging, which happens when salt crystals create a bridge that block the water from the salt.

The amount of water your home uses will determine the regeneration cycle. For most homes, it can be between six and eight weeks.

Get Your Water Softener and Answers to Other Questions from Us at Oceanus

If you still have questions about using a whole-home water softening system or the salt to use for it, contact us at Oceanus. We can also help you to get a new water softener installed in your home to have soft water protect your water-based appliances. Let us help you with your water treatment questions and provide you with the products your home needs.