If you have a reverse osmosis (RO) system or are thinking about getting one, you might have heard of warnings regarding the type of pipes to use with it. These cautions against using metal pipes with RO systems are based in fact and the science behind how RO systems work. As long as you use the correct type of pipes with your RO system, you will enjoy fresh, purified water without any issues.

What Happens to Water During Reverse Osmosis Purification

During reverse osmosis purification, the system removes all impurities. These impurities include buffering alkaline minerals such as calcium. Without these chemicals to raise the pH of the water, the total makeup of the water drops below neutral levels to become slightly acidic. The benefit of this lower pH is the ability of purified water to prevent hard water deposits in coffeemakers or teakettles that use the water. However, the low pH of the water can cause problems for pipe.

Why Purified Water Cannot Work with Copper or Other Metal Pipes

Lower pH values are slightly acidic and free of impurities. Because this water can readily accept ions from other active materials, such as metal pipes, it can lead to corrosion. As the purified water flows through metal pipes, it can collect free ions of metal from the pipes, especially copper. This process leads to corrosion of the pipes.

Piping to Use with Your Reverse Osmosis Purifier Instead

Instead of using metal piping for the purified water to flow through, you should have plastic piping instead. Metal piping flowing into the RO system does not have the risk of corrosion because the water has yet to undergo purification.

A professional installer will use the correct type of piping for water entering and leaving the reverse osmosis system to prevent corrosion. Choose expert installation when you select your reverse osmosis system to avoid future problems.

Get Professional Installation of Your Reverse Osmosis Purifier with the Right Type of Piping

If you want to ensure the longevity if the plumbing used with your water purifier, get professional installation. Contact us at Oceanus to get a reverse osmosis system and have it expertly installed in your home with the right type of plumbing. We’re here to help you improve your home’s water through our many water treatment options.






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