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These unique filters and conditioners provide protection from chlorine, chloramines, carcinogens and heavy metals — delivering healthy, clean and safe water to every faucet in your home. Plus they condition the water throughout your entire property without the use of salt or chemicals. Even better, the systems prevent devastating pinhole leaks from occurring and provide exceptional water for pools, spas, water features, and landscaping.

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– Mountain spring-like drinking water to every fixture in home. No more need to buy bottled water.
– Reduction in chlorides.
– No salt pellets required.
– “Healthy” impurity-free bathing & showering water.
– 5-Stage filtration process to remove impurities.
– Hard water chloride alternation to help protect plumbing, water heater and other water using appliances.
– Reduction of chlorides to help prevent pin-hole leaks in copper.
– System automatically regenerates bases on your personal water usage to redistribute media for more effective usage, saving you money.
– System includes conditioner tank which holds the media. No separate brine tank required. No more buying and refilling a salt tank.
– Water taste similar to that of Evian®, Poland Spring®, Arrowhead® or Crystal Geyser® brand bottled water.

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Production Capacity:1 year, 2 years

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