Most common septic tank problems and preventive measures 


The septic tank demands regular Maintenance to ensure it functions appropriately. However, troubles with the septic tank are common and can arise for different reasons. Therefore, to keep the system working correctly, you should be aware of the most frequent problems and the possible ways to combat such issues. It will help you take proper care of the septic tank and escape the issues that arise when it starts to malfunction. The following paragraphs will guide common septic tank problems and the ways to prevent such troubles. 

Septic tank problems and preventive measures 


Tree roots emerge as one of the most stringent challenges to the septic tank. 

Tree roots keep searching for water, and if the septic tank comes in its way, it is likely to invade the system, resulting in leakage. It is one of the most common septic tank problems. Uneven grass patches are the most common indicator of a system leak. Alternatively, you are likely to find liquid swage and an unpleasant odor. You cannot plant trees close to the septic tank if you have to prevent these threats. 


If you find branches hanging over the tank and its periphery, the root will likely have made it to the tank. If only a few roots have accumulated near the tank, you can eliminate them with chemical treatment. However, professional help becomes inevitable if the accumulation has reached a substantial volume. 


Non-Biodegradable items accumulating in the tank 

The septic tank breaks down solid waste. Subsequently, sludge keeps accumulating, so you need to keep removing the waste from time to time. The challenge comes when the waste is biodegradable. It causes the tank to get loaded to its capacity, eventually resulting in leaks. Therefore, check the flushing biodegradable waste in the septic tank if you don’t want to get into a mess. 


Clogs slow down the drainage. 

If sludge or biodegradable waste creates clogs in the system, it will likely slow down the drainage. As a result, the showers and sinks will take longer to drain. A water backlog will likely appear in more intense situations, spilling untidy water and waste into the house. If you have to escape this threat, you don’t have an alternative but to use the septic tank correctly. It is important to clean the system regularly and refrain from flushing biodegradable waste into the tank. Most importantly, routine Maintenance is important to keep the system clog-free. Moreover, it will help to escape the threat of incurring an extravagant cost for repairing or replacing the system at a later stage. 


Damaged Drain field 

The drain field is one system component that eliminates the effluent and the liquid waste, allowing the soil to absorb water naturally. Drain field crush is one of the greatest challenges to the system that is likely to damage the building structure. For this reason, you need to construct the septic tank away from the building. The drain field will likely get damaged if excess water stays in the tank. Likewise, there are chances for flooding. Regular maintenance is the only way to prevent such challenges. 


Hazardous Chemicals 

If the house sink has a connection to the city’s sewer system, you will likely pour various chemicals down the sink. Though the objective is to keep it clean, it is likely to create significant problems in the long run. Most importantly, hard chemicals kill the bacteria that break down solid waste. Unless the solid waste gets broken down, thorough cleaning becomes impossible. Consequently, it will create a clog that can create a leak in the systemTherefore, you should refrain from using hazardous chemicals to ensure adequate bacterial action. It will keep breaking the solid waste for complete cleaning.


Improper Maintenance and cleaning 

The worst thing to happen to the septic tank is improper and irregular Maintenance. Water and waste will keep accumulating inside the tank. Therefore, not maintaining the system properly will create intense damage to the septic tank, stopping its usual functions. Should such instances come up, it will damage the system, and consequently, the entire place will get untidy and unhealthy. As such, regular and careful Maintenance is a must if you want to keep the septic tank in the ideal condition. 


Replacing or reconstructing the septic tank calls for major investments. You cannot afford to keep incurring such expenses in short intervals. Therefore you should inevitably take care of the system. The tricks and tips discussed above are simple yet effective ways to prevent possible damage, keeping the system in perfect working condition. 

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