Many people need to be aware of the huge advantages of having filtered water throughout the house. Although most people recognize how important the California Water Filtration System is in filtering drinking water, it provides a wide range of advantages for your family’s health, your home’s appliances and plumbing, and even the environment. This article takes a closer look at some of the main advantages of whole-house water filtration.

Better-tasting, Contaminant-Free Drinking Water

All the water from your taps and appliances is filtered for a crisp, fresh taste with a whole-house system. Removing off-tastes and odors from municipal water supplies treated with chlorine and chloramine is possible with a good filter. More significantly, whole-house filtration removes the possibility of being exposed to dangerous substances. It can find its way into your drinking water supply such as lead, mercury, bacteria, pesticides, and disinfection byproducts. Reducing this exposure is ideal for children, pregnant women, the elderly, and people with compromised immune systems, even though the levels may be low.

Softer, Scale-Free Water for Appliances

Hard water dissolves minerals like calcium and magnesium. This can lead to crusty scale buildup inside plumbing, dishwashers, washing machines, water heaters, and other appliances. Scale buildup lowers effectiveness and may cause early breakdowns that require expensive fixes or replacements. By removing these minerals from the water, a water softener system helps prolong the life of plumbing fixtures and appliances that run on water. 

Cleaner Dishes and Laundry

Have you noticed spots or a foggy film left behind on dishes after running the dishwasher? What about faded or dingy-looking laundry? These are common effects of hard water and mineral deposits. Dishes come out spotless without that hazy residue when using softened water from a whole house system. Due to softened water, the clothes seem brighter and feel softer because there isn’t any mineral buildup.

Healthier Skin and Hair

Hard water makes it difficult to get soaps and shampoos to lather up and rinse off completely. This residue can dry out skin and hair over time. Hair and skin feel visibly smoother and cleaner after bathing or showering in softened water from a whole-house filtration system. It also makes soap and shampoo rinse off more easily.

Lower Utility and Maintenance Costs

Water-based appliances have to work harder and use less energy over time due to the hard-scale building from hard water. However, a whole-home system that eliminates those minerals at the point of entry will result in less water, gas, and electric usage. Reducing the amount of mineral-scale building in appliances will further save you money in the long run. In a matter of years, many homeowners discover that their systems have paid for themselves for lower utility and maintenance expenses.

Better for the Environment

Whole-home Water Filtration is more eco-friendly in two key ways. First, it filters out chlorine and chloramine, preventing those chemicals from being released into the air as vapor, such as during a shower. Inhaling chlorine vapor has been linked to increased asthma risk. Second, appliances running more efficiently without mineral scale buildup require less energy and water from municipal treatment facilities, reducing the overall environmental impact of energy and water consumption.

Protection for Plumbing and Fixtures

Hard water can damage plumbing lines, fixtures, and water-based appliances because it collects mineral scales inside pipes, which reduces them over time. This can lead to leaks, clogs, pipe failure, or other plumbing issues. But with softened filtered water, that scale has no chance to build up, preventing damage and helping plumbing systems last longer.

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