The water treatment industry is big, worth $27.51 billion USD in 2020, and growing because people are concerned about their water quality and want to choose water to quench their thirst. Many people want to have better tasting, healthier water. If you are among them, you have choices to make, such as whether you should get a water softener or a reverse osmosis water purifier. Both have their distinct uses. Some people may find one better than another. However, some homeowners may want to install both. Learn more about both options to make a more informed decision.

Why Choose a Water Softener?

You may want to invest in a water softener if you have hard water. Unfortunately, most Californians – and Americans for that matter – have hard water. You know that your water is hard if you have limescale deposits in your tea kettle, coffeemaker, or showerhead. Hard water will also lead to slow, pinhole leaks that can increase your water bills over time or cause water damage.

A water softener corrects these issues. If you choose a model with filtration, you can also get metals and chlorine filtered out of your water.

Why You Might Want to Have a Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier

A reverse osmosis water purifier also removes most of the minerals that cause hard water. However, these purifiers only treat the water at a single tap instead of all the water entering your home. The benefit of a water purifier is the high-quality flavor that you get straight from your kitchen tap. If desired, you can have the reverse osmosis treatment system installed on your refrigerator for chilled, pure water from your fridge’s water dispenser.

Why Not Both?

You don’t have to choose between a water softener and a reverse osmosis system. The former treats the water at your home’s entry point, reducing hard water damage on all your plumbing. Reverse osmosis systems only fit on a single tap but give you the best tasting water. You can use both.

For instance, some people don’t like the taste of softened water for drinking. If you find it unappealing, you can install a reverse osmosis purifier at your tap to remove the salt from the softened water and make it tastier to drink.

Contact Oceanus for a Free Consultation on All Our Water Treatment Options

Get softened or purified water with one of our water treatment options at Oceanus. Contact us today to schedule a consultation in your home. Our professionals can help you choose whether to get a water softener for your whole home, a purifier for a single tap, or both. Let us know your home’s water usage habits, and we can guide you toward the best option to get great quality water that tastes good.




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