Did you know that your sparkling water habit could be costing you more than extra money each month? In fact, carbonated water can have some downside to your health. Therefore, if you experience unusual symptoms after starting to increase your intact of fizzy drinks, you might want to cut back on your habit and find alternatives to quench your thirst.

Some Brands Have Added Sugar

If you are replacing water with a sparkling beverage, not all brands are the same. Some brands that look like flavored sparkling water have added sugars or artificial flavorings. Other brands will include artificial sweeteners to keep their calorie counts low. Therefore, if you want a calorie-free, all-natural drink, opt for freshwater from your home’s tap.

Sparkling Water Can Make You Hungrier

Even if you choose the brands of carbonated water that have nothing but water, carbonation, and natural flavorings, you still may not be helping your waistline. A study of carbonated drinks found that they correlated to a release of the appetite-stimulating hormone, ghrelin, and subsequent weight gain. The connection did not exist between the drinks after removing carbonation or in tap water. Therefore, the carbonation in sparkling water might make you feel hungrier.

Carbonated Water Can Contribute to Gas Pains and Bloating 

If you have problems with bloating or gas pains, you may need to reduce the number of carbonated beverages you have. The carbonation adds air to your digestive system that can cause you to feel bloated and have gas troubles. These issues are especially problematic for people who have digestive troubles such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Still tap water can help avoid these issues.

Get Great Tasting Water Without Sugar by Adding a Water Purifier to Your Home

Sparkling water is fine in moderation. However, to get your daily water intake without the extra costs of carbonated water, contact us at Best Home Water Treatment Systems by phone at 951.737.1500 or online. With our help, you can have a reverse osmosis water purifier installed in your home to help increase your intake of clean, pure, and healthy water right from your tap.








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