For some people, sodium is a carefully regulated mineral. If your doctor has you on a no-sodium or low-sodium diet, talk to them about water softening options if you have hard water in your home. Some doctors will allow patients to use sodium-based water softeners for drinking water. However, others may request that you find a no sodium water softening solution. If the latter is your case, you may want a water conditioner instead.

What Is a Water Conditioner?

Water softeners use sodium to chemically offset the minerals naturally dissolved in some types of hard water. However, this process adds sodium to drinking water. A water conditioner uses a different method to prevent scale buildup from hard water, though it doesn’t change the hardness of the water itself.

Using a water conditioner can prevent many of the problems caused by hard water, though, such as mineral buildup or pinhole leaks in your pipes and appliances. Therefore, if you need a no sodium water softening alternative, you may want a Healthy Home water conditioner.

Does a Water Conditioner Filter Water?

If you want filtered water that tastes better from all the taps in your home, a water conditioner can do that. In fact, filtration is part of the process the device puts water through. Treated water acts more like soft water in your pipes, has fewer chlorides, and doesn’t require salt for the system. Pairing a water conditioner with a reverse osmosis system, as in our Healthy Home Series package gives you a full treatment system that gives you purified water from your ice maker and refrigerator dispenser in addition to a dedicated faucet.

Treat Hard Water with a No Sodium Water Softening Alternative from Best Home Water Treatment Systems

Let us help you to find a solution to your hard water without using sodium-based water softeners. Our Healthy Home system is a no sodium water softening alternative that conditions the water to reduce scale and leaks. Contact us today if the Healthy Home conditioner or a package with a reverse osmosis purifier sounds right for your home. You can also phone us directly at 951.338.8616.