A home water softener system can prevent plumbing damage and reduce the amount of soap needed for personal and household cleaning. The advantages of using this type of water treatment system are clear. However, for first-time water softener users, there may be some surprises.

Don’t Use as Much Soap

One complaint that new water softener users often have is that cleaning with the softened water makes their skin feel slimy. This probably happens because they are still using as much soap as they did when they had hard water. Cut back soap usage in increments of 25% of the original amount until you can find a balance in cleanliness and not feeling slimy.

Don’t Forget to Recharge Your Home Water Softener with Salt

One major issue that can happen with new users is forgetting to recharge the home water softener system with salt. The salt is how the system operates because it takes ions from the salt and exchanges them for those in the minerals in the water, neutralizing their effects.

You can use either potassium chloride or sodium chloride, both of which are technically salts. For the DR70 softener, recharge the unit with 11.5 pounds of salt. Increase the amount to 12.5 pounds for the DR 90 model. 

Do Check the System for Problems when Refilling

When refilling the water softener with salt, check the system. If you notice that the tank has filled with water, do some troubleshooting to determine the cause and a possible solution. However, if you cannot fix the softener after doing some minor changes, contact us at Best Home Water Treatment Systems for help.

Do Feel Free to Use Softened Water for Drinking and Cooking

Yes, the softened water is safe for use in both drinks and cooking. In fact, even sodium chloride softened water still has much less salt in it for a day’s worth of water than a single olive. However, if you do feel concerned about the sodium levels you intake from the water softener talk to your doctor, and let them know about the type of water softener you want to use. You may need to find an alternative, such as the Healthy Home System that produces similar benefits as a home water softener without the added salt. 

Do Ask Us Any Questions You Have About Your Home Water Softener

If you still have questions about using your home water softener or would like to have one installed, let us know at Best Home Water Treatment Systems. We provide equipment, installation, and assistance for our water treatment products. We want your home to have the best water possible. And we will be here to help you get it with our great home water filtration, purification, and softening solutions.