Water bottlers have several secrets that they don’t want consumers to know about their products. While bottled water offers a convenient, portable alternative to sugary sodas, juices, and sports drinks, it still has some problems. You may not realize where the water comes from or what happens to the bottles after use. Once you learn more about bottled water, though, you may reconsider this option in the future in return for a more eco-friendly solution.

Your Bottled Water Could be Repackaged Tap Water and Finding Quality Information Is Difficult

Your bottled water may not be healthier than tap water. The two may be the same. In 64% of cases, packaged water came from the same municipal sources as tap water, occasionally undergoing purification after drawing the water from the tap.

If you want to get information on your bottled water quality in California, good luck. The state reports that it discards quality reports after finding that companies meet regulations. You would have to directly message the water bottling companies for any information on quality.

Water Bottles Contribute to Pollution

When it comes to empty water bottles, most do not make it into recycling bins. In fact, up to three-fourths of water bottles go into the trash. Their lightweights make them easily blown by the wind away from landfills or off garbage trucks, where they can pollute waterways and the environment.

Bottled Water Is Much More Expensive Than Tap Water 

If you want to drink commercially bottled water, make sure that you have deep pockets. Compared to the cost of tap water, the drink in plastic bottles is at least 300 times more expensive per serving. In some cases, it could be thousands of times pricier, depending on the brand you choose.

Choose the Eco-Friendly Option for Drinking Water with a Home Water Purification System

The best alternative to bottle of water for your wallet and the planet is tap water. However, if you don’t like the taste of water from the tap, contact us at BestHomeWaterTreatmentSystems.com for an Oceanus reverse osmosis water purification system. With your own purified water at home, you can use refillable bottles to cut down on plastic pollution, enjoy the same water as you would get from many bottled brands, and safe money. It’s a winning situation on all fronts. Schedule your visit from us to get started on the best drinking water from your home.












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