You know that you want better quality water in your home, but with so many options for water treatment, how can you find the best for your lifestyle?

Do You Want Better Drinking Water?

If you spend hundreds of dollars each year buying bottled water, you could save by opting for a reverse osmosis water purification system. These systems make the water at a designated tap taste better. You can choose this option for your kitchen sink to ensure that every cup of water you get from your tap tastes as good as the expensive bottled water you purchase. The only downside is the limit of this system for use faucets where you have it installed.

Does Hard Water Plague Your Cleaning Routine?

Hard water happens when the water contains naturally occurring minerals. These dissolved minerals mean that you have to use more soap for cleaning. Hard water can also cause scale build up in your water heater and other appliances. Water softeners counter the effects of hard water by chemically countering the minerals in the water. If you want a standard water softener that uses salt, consider our DS series. If you cannot have added salt in your water due to health concerns, look into our Healthy Home package that combines water purification and water softening for your whole house without using salt.

Trust Us to Get Your Home Better Water

If you still cannot decide which water treatment option you need, talk to us at Best Home Water Treatment Systems in Corona, CA. We’re a Plumbing Concepts Company that has staff who know about both plumbing and water treatment. We can answer any of your questions about water treatment.

Once you know how you want your home’s water treated, contact us to set an appointment for the best water your home can get.


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