Oceanus Water Systems in Corona, CA is the solution you have been looking for if you want the best tap water for your family. Oceanus Water Systems offers a variety home water treatment options for your Southern California home as well as a variety of packages that combine the most popular systems so that you get the best home water treatment system possible. A better water solution is available for your home from Oceanus Water Systems – guaranteed!

The Ultimate Estate Package from Oceanus Water Systems

Let’s take a look at Oceanus Water Systems’ Ultimate Estate Package. This package allows homeowners in California to utilize a combination of the most popular water treatment systems combined to create the ultimate home water treatment solution.

The Ultimate Estate Home Water Treatment System includes the Healthy Homes System, Water Softener System, and the Reverse Osmosis System.

Top 5 Benefits of the Ultimate Estate Package from Oceanus Water Systems 

  1. Filtered water at every faucet, plus purified water at a dedicated faucet and the ice maker
  2. Soft water throughout the entire home
  3. Scale prevention to help extend the life of the plumbing, water heater, and water-using appliances
  4. Chloramine reduction to help prevent pinhole leaks in copper pipes
  5. Water hardness is reduced to less than 1 grain per gallon

Do you think your home could benefit from the perks of a home water treatment system? If you would like to improve the quality of the water in your Southern California home, contact the experts at Oceanus Water Systems in Corona today to learn more about the best water treatment system for your home and family and what they can do to help you have the best water possible.


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