Unexpected Benefits of a Home Water Softener

While most people want the obvious perks of softening their home’s water, there are other benefits that they get they may not know about. If you are still on the fence about getting a whole-home water softener, you may want to consider these unanticipated benefits to help in your decision.

Save Money on Soap and Detergent with a Water Softener

Hard water can require up to 50% more soap or detergent for proper cleaning. By installing a water softener, you won’t have to buy clothes detergent, shampoo, soap, body wash, or dish soap as often. By switching to a water conditioner, you’ll save a considerable amount of money on cleaning products, likely more than enough to pay for the low cost of salt to refill the unit.

Fewer Calls to the Plumber for Leaks

Hard water inside pipes can eventually cause chemical reactions that produce leaks. These leaks can raise your water bills and cause damage to your walls. Plus, you will need a plumber to repair the leaks, increasing the cost. A home water softener eliminates the chances of hard water minerals contributing to leaking pipes, and you may need to make fewer calls to your plumber.

Longer Lasting Water Heater with Water Softener

In homes with hard water, a water heater’s life can get cut short by damage caused by the minerals. The same way that hard water can damage pipes, it can do the same inside a water heater tank. Leaky tanks may need premature replacement. With a water softener for your home, you can help protect your water heater and get the maximum life possible from it.

Start Gaining the Benefits of a Whole Home Water Softener with a Call to Oceanus

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