When choosing a system for treating your home’s water, you need to know the difference between water conditioning and water softening. While similar, these offer different benefits and use varying mechanisms to produce better-tasting water. 

What Are Water Softening Systems? 

Water softening systems help to reduce hard water by getting rid of the minerals that cause the problem. Our system reduces hardness to less than one grain per gallon after treatment. By reducing the minerals in the water, you will need less soap for cleaning. Additionally, the treated water will not leave a sticky film on your hands or your make your clothes feel stiff after washing. Both of these effects happen frequently in homes with untreated hard water. 

If you have a health condition that requires you to carefully monitor your sodium intake, you may prefer a water conditioning system that does not add sodium to the water. As with all medical concerns, talk to your doctor, first. 

What Are Water Conditioning Systems? 

Water conditioning systems help to prevent the scale that builds up in your pipes from hard water without adding sodium to the water. Water conditioners differ from water softeners because they don’t change the hardness of the water as water softeners do. Instead, water conditioners prevent hard water from causing damage to your plumbing system. 

If you need a salt-free alternative to a water softener, consider our Healthy Home system that uses conditioning to improve the quality of the water without sodium. Like water softeners, these systems reduce chlorine in your home’s water. You also get filtered water at every tap. 

Find Your Best Water From Us 

Whether you need a water softener or a water conditioner, you can always rest assured that you will get a quality system and stellar service from us at Best Home Water Treatment Systems. Phone us today at 951.737.1500 to start the process of having a water treatment system installed in your home. 


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