Do you want to find out what types of water contaminants could be in your area? You have several resources for this. However, instead of wasting time on the internet searching for dubious information, you can find trusted sources here.

Nationwide Water Contaminants Map

The Water Quality Research Foundation creates a map that tracks 57 water contaminants from the last decade. The map shows where the local water has levels of contaminants that exceed either the Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) or the Action Level. Additionally, the map tracks substances that can affect the taste, smell, or color of the water, even if these substances aren’t dangerous. For instance, chloramine in water can impact the flavor, but many water treatment facilities add it to disinfect the water.

Some substances, you can remove from your home’s drinking water through various filtration or purification processes. For example, you can choose water filtration systems to remove chloramines from your water to improve its taste. 

Groundwater Arsenic Sources Around the United States

Arsenic can cause serious problems for health. Therefore, allowed levels are low. However, in many parts of the country, particularly, the Southwest, arsenic is found in higher amounts in the groundwater due to its naturally higher presence underground. Use this map from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) to find arsenic levels in local well water. Reverse osmosis systems can remove arsenic from drinking water if you have a concern about this element.

Information on Water Contaminants in California

The state of California’s Water Resources Control Board offers several ways to find out about regulated and unregulated contaminants in water. This resource gives links to finding out more information about specific contaminant in your water supply. However, to make the most of this list, request a Consumer Confidence Report (CCA) from your local water provider. This report will outline the amounts of various substances in the water based on the most recent sampling. You can request this report through the Division of Drinking Water.

Treat Your Home’s Water to Remove Contaminant with Help from Best Water Treatment Systems

If you have concerns about water contaminants from your municipal or well water, contact us at Best Water Treatment Systems to find out about your options for treatment. With both systems to treat your whole home or to purify water at a single tap, there are ways to make your home’s tap water healthier and contain fewer water contaminants.