When it comes to water treatment systems for your home, you may feel confused over the industry terms used. For instance, how do you compare filtration vs. purification? Are they the same? Before you decide to give up on getting better water for your home, find out everything you wanted to know about water filtration vs. purification.

What Happens During Water Filtration?

Water filtration sends the water through a series of filters to remove dissolved solids and contaminants. Many whole-home filtration systems will also soften the water. Filtration systems often apply to the entire home, creating water that does less damage from scale deposits and tastes better from all your home’s taps.

How Is Water Purification Different from Filtration?

Water purification requires additional steps to ensure the complete removal of all water impurities. Because the process for getting rid of impurities requires so much more filtering than standard filtration systems, water purifiers typically only serve a single faucet and produce a limited number of gallons of purified water daily. For instance, our reverse osmosis system can filter up to 50 gallons of water a day while fitting comfortably under the counter in your kitchen. 

Water Filtration vs. Purification for Drinking and Cleaning

Whether you choose filtration, purification, or both depends on your home’s water concerns. If you need softer water to reduce the amount of soap and cleaning products you use, consider whole home water softening systems that also filter the water for better taste.

However, if you want the purest tasting water from a single faucet to use only for drinking and cooking, use water purification.

Yes, you can have both installed in your home if you have hard water that needs softening but want the best tasting water from your kitchen tap.

Have the Best Home Water Treatment Systems Installed in Your Home

To get better tasting water or water that performs better for cleaning, contact us at Best Home Water Treatment Systems to have one of our Oceanus devices installed. You can reach our office by phoning us at 951.737.1500.


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