Water treatment is often a topic that homeowners have many questions about. However, at Best Home Water Treatment Systems, we’ve brought some of these questions together to provide you with the answers you need. However, feel free to let us know if you still have other questions or concerns about water treatment systems for your home.

Which Is Better – Reverse Osmosis or Water Purification?

One of the most common questions about water treatment is the type of system needed for a home. There are many types of ways to improve water quality, such as the following:

Among these, your goal for water treatment will determine whether you should choose a whole home water filtration system or an RO system. An RO system produces purified water that tastes best and has almost all impurities removed. However, a whole-home system protects plumbing by softening water and filters out common contaminants.

Why Does a Home Need a Water Softener?

Your home likely needs a water softener because many parts of the United States naturally have hard water. Hard water produces spots on glassware, a need for extra soap to produce a lather, and mineral deposits inside pipes, around faucets, and in water heaters. The last problem can shorten the lives of your plumbing fixtures by causing pinhole leaks and slowing water flow. In fact, water heaters used in homes with untreated hard water can have much shorter lifespans, especially tank-style water heaters.

Is a Whole Home Water Treatment System Really Better Than a Filter Pitcher?

A whole-home water treatment system filters all the water that enters your home. Therefore, you don’t need a special pitcher or replacement filters for the pitcher to get a small amount of filtered water. Any tap in your home that you use will produce filtered water that has fewer chlorines and other contaminants in it compared to untreated water. Plus, with a whole-home system, you have the option of softening the water entering your home, too. That is something that a water filtration pitcher cannot do.

Should You Water Your Garden with RO Purified Water?

If you have an RO purifier on a kitchen tap, you may want to use another source of water for your houseplants or garden. Plants grow outside and naturally need minerals typically found in water. Therefore, if you use purified water, they may not get these necessary minerals for ideal growth. Save the RO water for yourself and your family’s drinking needs and use a water hose or other source of water for your plants.

Why Do You Need a Chloramine Filter?

Chloramines are added to water as disinfectants to protect the public from germs in the water. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) indicates that water treated with chloramines is still safe for use for bathing, cooking, and drinking. However, after chlorine and chloramines kill bacteria in the water, they can leave behind off odors or make the water taste bad. Using a chloramine filter removes up to 85% of this additive from the water to improve its flavor and scent.

Find Out More About Water Treatment Options for Your Home at Best Home Water Treatment Systems

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