If you’re planning on moving, what happens to your water treatment system? That depends on several factors. In fact, you may choose to select another type of system for your new home.

Do You Want to Use a Whole Home Water Treatment System as a Feature of the Home? 

If you have a point-of-use system, such as a reverse osmosis purifier, you may want to take it with you as you would other appliances. The same is true of whole-home filtration or softening systems.

However, some people elect to leave their filtration systems in the home. These could help to increase the selling price because they serve as positive benefits to the house.

What Is the Water in Your New Home Like?

Next, find out what the water is like in your new home. For instance, if you currently live in an area with hard water, like Southern California, and move to a location with soft water, you may not need to move your water softener with you. However, if you have a water conditioner that filters that water, you may still want to bring it to your new home for the filtration it provides.

Also, consider the installation process for your new home. Removing the system from your old home is easy. Simply set the system to bypass and disconnect it from the water supply. However, when it comes to reconnecting, you should plan to install it with new fittings after relocating to ensure a proper connection.

You Can Take It with You When You Have an Oceanus System

Not all home water treatment systems are complete packages that you own. However, if you choose a system from Oceanus, you own the system and can take it with you when you move. Plus, the warranty for the water treatment system goes wherever the system goes. Therefore, your system remains under warranty even in your new home. 

Contact BestHomeWaterTreatmentSystems.com for Water Treatment That Goes with You When You Move

If you want a water treatment option that goes with you when you move, contact us at Oceanus. We can help you with installing your new system. We’re water treatment experts who can help you with getting the best water quality in your home.








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