Salt is on the minds of many. A survey from the American Heart Association showed that 58% of Americans wanted to reduce sodium in their diets. While the majority (77%) of sodium in diets came from restaurants and processed foods, it also can appear in unexpected places, such as water. Traditional water softeners use salt to soften the water. However, you can get similar results with a salt free home water treatment system. 

Why Homes Need Water Treatment

Across most of the United States, homes have hard water flowing through their pipes. This hard water contains minerals and other contaminants inside that can lead to limescale, mineral buildup, and plumbing damage. Traditionally, the only way to prevent the damage done by hard water was through a water softening system. These use bags of salt to remove the minerals from the water. Today, water conditioners can also mitigate harm from hard water.

What a Salt Free Home Water Treatment System Does

Salt free home water treatment systems, also known as water conditioners or descalers, don’t soften the water the same way that water softeners do. These systems don’t use salt in a brine tank. Instead, they change the way the dissolved minerals act within the water. The altered minerals don’t deposit into the plumbing system, protecting the pipes from buildup and pinhole leaks.

Why Choose a Salt Free Home Water Treatment System

By choosing a water conditioner over a water softener, you can reduce the maintenance you need to put into the system. These devices require less frequent care. Plus, you don’t need to purchase salt for them regularly as you would for water softeners. For those concerned about sodium intake, water conditioners add zero sodium to the water.

Get Your Salt Free Home Water Treatment System from Oceanus

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