While you typically hear about dehydration in the summer, it can also be a problem in the winter. During the winter, dry air and not drinking enough can contribute to dehydration. If you think that this is only a problem when the weather is hot, think again. You can dehydrate during the winter.

What Is Dehydration?

Your body needs water to keep every part and system operating at its best. However, if you don’t get enough, you may feel tired, thirsty, have dark urine, have trouble thinking, or dizzy. Causes of this condition include any situation that may prevent you from drinking enough water while losing water.

Often, in hot weather, people lose water through sweating and respiration. During cold, dry weather, respiration can also cause a loss of body moisture. Also, during the winter, many people may experience illnesses that lead to fever, diarrhea, vomiting, or increased urination all of which can dehydrate the body.

Why You Need to Focus on Drinking During the Winter

While you may not want to guzzle gallons of ice-cold water in the winter, any non-alcoholic, non-caffeinated fluid intake counts. For instance, you can drink hot chocolate, apple cider, or hot herbal tea. Drinking any type of liquids can keep your body adequately hydrated. But you must remember to do so during the winter.

How to Know When You Drink Enough

In the same way that you will feel symptoms of dehydration, your body will also show signs that you drink enough. Feeling energetic and not thirsty are major indications that you have proper hydration. Additionally, the color of your urine will tell you if you drink enough. When your urine ranges from clear to straw yellow in color, you have enough fluid for your body to stay healthy. Watch out for darker urine colors and other signs of dehydration to indicate that you need to increase your water intake.

Always talk to your doctor if you have concerns about your urine color or hydration levels. Some people need more careful control over how much water they drink.

Improve Your Home’s Water to Make Drinking Easier

If you hate the taste of your home’s tap water, getting a filtration system can make drinking enough water to stay hydrated easier. Reach out to us at Best Home Water Treatment Systems for more information on our whole home and point-of-use water treatment options to give you healthy, great-tasting water that can keep dehydration at bay.


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