Hard and soft refer to the amount of minerals dissolved in water. While drinking hard water does not pose health risks, you may want to correct this issue due to the other effects it has. Hard water treatments include water softening and water conditioning

Hard water has calcium and magnesium dissolved in it. The amounts of these minerals depend on the part of the country where the water comes from. Groundwater supplies often have a higher concentration of minerals in them because the water dissolves calcium or magnesium as it flows through the ground. In southern California, the local water can be much harder compared to other parts of the country.

Effects of Hard Water 

If you have hard water, you will need more soap, laundry detergent, and dishwashing detergent to achieve the desired lathering and cleaning abilities. You may also need to add extra fabric softener to your laundry loads. Hard water can also leave spots on your glassware after washing. 

While most of these effects of hard water are inconveniences, you can experience damage to your plumbing from hard water. For instance, your water heater’s lifespan may shorten due to the concentration of minerals building up inside the tank. When minerals coat the heating element, your water heater loses efficiency. You may also experience reduced water pressure as mineral buildup in your pipes slows water movement.

How to Prevent Hard Water Damage 

Even if your home has a hard water supply from the city, you don’t have to let it damage your plumbing. Contact us at Best Home Water Treatment Systems to find out about our hard water solutions. You can choose water softening, which uses sodium to remove hardness from the water. The resulting water requires up to 50% less soap and lowers scale deposits. Water conditioning systems don’t get rid of the minerals but prevent them from causing scale build-up. These systems offer a salt-free alternative to water softeners. 

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