If you need water treatment for your home, you have the option to have a single system or a package installed. There are differences between these that you need to know before choosing which is best for your home.

What Are Home Water Treatment Systems?

Systems consist of individual products that treat one aspect of your home’s water. For example, you may choose a reverse osmosis system or a water softener. For a budget-minded way to improve your home’s water, you may choose one of these systems.

Also, you can get customized solutions for specific concerns that you have. If you only want to reduce chloramines in your water, consider one of our products that do just that. You may also want a hot water dispenser to ensure that you have always ready hot drinking water.

What Are Home Water Treatment Packages?

For those who want a fully featured system for their home’s water, we offer packages. These water treatment packages have multiple products in them to produce a solution to address multiple problems with your drinking water.

One example of one of our packages is the Healthy Home Series. This package includes both a Healthy Home water softening alternative and a reverse osmosis system. The former treats your whole home’s water to reduce the impact of dissolved minerals on the plumbing while the latter gives you the purest water from your kitchen tap. Check out the variety of our packages that we have created based on our most popular products and things that our customers frequently order together.

Which Is Better? A System or Package?

Whether you choose a single product or a whole package depends on your home. If you have a large family and want to improve drinking water and soften hard water, you may want to install a package. However, if your home’s water is already soft enough and you just want fresher tasting drinking water, you may only need a purification system. Talk to one of our experts at Best Home Water Treatment Systems to learn more about both our products and packages to find the best option for your home.

Reach Out to Best Home Water Treatment Systems for More Information About Packages and Products

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