Most people consider tap water “clean” and safe to drink and bathe in. However, there are plenty of contaminants that exist in tap water and can be harmful to your body and health. Some of the most common contaminants in tap water include chlorides, bacteria, heavy metals, and pesticides.

Most people think they can distinguish contaminated water by its smell, taste, and color. Of course, if you see brown water, it’s obviously it’s contaminated, right? Sure, but many water contaminants do not have an odor or taste and cannot be seen. Thus, it’s important to consider how to avoid those sneaky, undetectable contaminants. 

Since you drink water daily and it filters through your entire body system, it’s important to be aware of what you are consuming. Contaminants like chemicals and minerals can cause significant harm to your body when consumed, and often lead to serious conditions such as cancer, reproductive challenges, and liver and kidney issues. Bathing in water that contains these contaminants can also cause damage, such as rashes and infections in your ears, eyes, and throat. Considering the potential consequences, it’s crucial for you to avoid these contaminants.

How can you avoid drinking contaminated water? Thanks to immense research in this topic, many effective water filtration systems are now available and accessible to consumers. Ultimately, water filtration is crucial for you and your family to sustain a healthy life. For more information on water filtration systems, make sure to consider the systems offered by Oceanus. Oceanus has multiple water filtration systems available that will ensure that the water you drink and use is free of contaminants. 

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