If you live in Southern California, you likely have hard water, according to a map from the United States Geological Survey (USGS). Because hard water contains additional, unwanted minerals such as magnesium and calcium, it can become problematic. How do you deal with hard water problems around the home? There are some temporary measures to take. But, the best option is to look for a whole home water softener for a lasting fix.

Use Hard Water Cleaner to Remove Soap Scum

Hard water problems include soap scum deposits inside the shower. Soap typically doesn’t lather well in hard water. Therefore, you must use much more to get soapy and clean when showering. The extra soap, however, combines with the calcium in the hard water, leaving scummy deposits on the walls of the shower. This particular form of bathroom contamination requires a special cleaner to offset its chemical nature.

You should use a hard water cleaner designed for cutting through soap scum. These cleaners have chemicals to counter the calcium and remove the soap scum.

Clean Hard Water Stains on Dishes with Vinegar

Hard water problems also include deposits of calcium left on dishes. These stains will remain intact unless you soak them in vinegar and rinse with clean water after. Vinegar is acidic, which balances the basic calcium of the stains, helping to rinse them away. You may want to consider adding a vinegar rinse to your dishwashing routine to keep hard water stains away.

Boil Water Before Use

Calcium and other minerals naturally present in hard water will easily separate when you boil the water. If you need soft water for cleaning or cooking, boil the water and let it sit to allow the minerals to settle at the bottom of the container.

This method, though, is temporary, and it creates another issue of lime deposits building up on the bottom of your cooking pots. Soaking in vinegar can help to remove the buildup.

Permanently Correct Hard Water Problems with a Whole Home Water Softener

While the above measures work temporarily, they are not perfect and may cost you more time and money in the long run compared to investing in a home water softener. Plus, you can choose a whole home water softener with a filtration system to get better tasting, softer water from all your taps. Find out more about how easy it is to get a water softener for your home by contacting us at Best Home Water Treatment Systems.