What to expect after you get a home water softener

Hard water is a major issue. A map of the United States from the United States Geological Survey shows how wide-reaching the problem of hard water is. On the map, any area not covered by dark purple has some degree of hard water, with amounts of calcium carbonate exceeding 61 mg/L. Therefore, it is likely that you’ve lived with hard water in your home, especially if you’re from Southern California. A water softener to treat incoming water for your home will fix the problem, but you’ll need to know what to expect from the change.

House Cleaning with Softer Water

Cleaning your house after you have a whole home water softener installed will be very different. First, you will find that you need to cut back on the volume of water-soluble cleaning products that you use. This includes clothes and dishwashing detergents.

Soft water requires up to 50% less of these to obtain the same results. Start by using half the amount. If your dishes or clothes don’t get as clean, slowly increase the amount until you find a balance between cleaner clothes and dishes and lower amounts of detergents.

Showering with a Water Softener

Showering will feel different with softer water, too. Some people report feeling slimy after a shower. This happens for the same reason that you need to use less detergent to clean your clothes. The softer water requires less soap to produce suds and clean you off. Cut the amount of shower gel, shampoo, or soap you use in the shower by half, and you’ll discover that you get just as clean without the slimy feeling.

Cooking with Softened Water

Cooking with softened water generally requires no changes. However, some people don’t like the taste of softened water. To avoid this, consider a water softener with a filter included to filter out off-tastes. Another alternative is to install a reverse osmosis unit in your kitchen to get purified water from the tap. 

Solve Your Hard Water Problems with Home Water Softener from Oceanus

You don’t need to live with hard water. But remember that getting this will come with some adjustments to better water quality. Contact us at Oceanus to get a whole home water softener, reverse osmosis system, or another form of water treatment. You deserve to have the freshest, best water for cooking, cleaning, and drinking in your home from your tap.