Your home’s drinking water needs to be clean and safe. While most municipalities claim their water is safe to drink, you may still ingest impurities in the water that can impact the taste and odor. By removing these contaminants, you can improve the water’s flavor, making it easier to enjoy more water daily.

Drinking Water Chloramines

Water contaminants can affect odor. In fact, some of these compounds are purposefully added to the water. For instance, chlorine and chloramines can cause the water to have a smell like a swimming pool. These products help to disinfect water from bacteria or viruses that could sicken you, but they can make your water smell terrible.

Some types of water filters can remove chloramines and chlorine. For instance, a water conditioner can reduce chlorines in drinking water. However, to maximize removal of these impurities, use a reverse osmosis system. This type of purification system is best suited to getting impurities out and improving the taste and smell of the water.

Inorganic Impurities in Drinking Water 

Metals and other inorganic impurities can also affect water quality. The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) National Primary Drinking Water Regulations (NPDWR) control the maximum levels of contaminants in water after treatment. However, these regulations permit some levels of impurities to get through. If you feel concerned about eliminating impurities from your water, you need a purification system to remove those permitted by the NPDWR.

For example, the NPDWR permit small amounts of copper, which can cause stomach upset with excessive amounts in short term exposure. Over time, copper amounts exceeding those permitted can contribute to kidney issues. Other inorganic impurities that could be in your water legally, include:

Like other contaminants, a water purifying reverse osmosis system can successfully remove most of these from your drinking water, making it safer and tastier.

Organic Contaminants in Water 

Organic contaminants in water include both organic chemicals and microorganisms. The former category includes materials from runoff from petroleum facilities or herbicides. Microorganisms include protozoa, bacteria, and viruses. Among water treatment options for the home, reverse osmosis systems are the best at getting organic impurities out of the water.

Get a Water Purification System from Oceanus to Remove all Drinking Water Impurities 

A reverse osmosis water purifier removes all impurities from your drinking water, leaving it fresh tasting and healthy. Find out more about how to get this water purification system for one of your home’s taps or how to get filtered water from all sources in your home by contacting us at Oceanus today.




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