Southern California has three main sources of water. These water sources contribute to the water quality, even after treatment. Therefore, if you live in the Los Angeles area, you should understand the sources of your water and what actions you may need to take to improve your tap water quality at home.

Sources of California’s Tap Water

Three main sources for water to supply the Los Angeles area are the Owens River, groundwater, and the Colorado River. Of these, the Owens River contributes about one-third of the supply. This water combines with reservoirs in the Sierra Nevada mountain range and the Mono Lake Basin. It travels via the Los Angeles Aqueduct to bring this source to the city.

Another 10% comes from groundwater while groundwater contributes about 30% of the state’s water. This water source comes from rainfall or snowmelt that the ground absorbs and flows into natural underground sources.

The majority of the water for Southern California, about one-half, comes from water from the Colorado River. It reaches the area from the Colorado River Aqueduct, which delivers up to one billion dollars daily.

Water Sources and Hardness

These water sources and the local geology contribute to water hardness. Water that filters through the ground collects natural minerals as it passes through. Tap water treatment does not remove these minerals. Therefore, when you get the water from your home tap, it still contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Most water in Southern California has these minerals, making it hard.

You most likely will notice these minerals in hard water spots on dishes, lime buildup on faucets and showerheads, and water heater issues. You can correct water hardness, but you need a solution to treat all the water as it comes into your home.

How to Correct Water Hardness at Home

To fix hard tap water, you need a whole-home water softener. Water softeners work to exchange the ions of the minerals that create the hardness with sodium or potassium. This process, known as ion exchange, solves the problems caused by hard water, including plumbing damage and mineral buildup.

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