How does your tap water taste? Are you sure that the water is safe? What can you do to fix the problem? While you may know about water filtration and purification, if you want the remove the most impurities from your water, water purification will work better. At Best Home Water Treatment Systems in Corona, CA, we can help you with getting fresher, cleaner water from your home’s taps.

Is Your Tap Water Really Safe?

Tap water should be safe, but several cities around the country don’t have safe tap water. For example, lead appeared in water in Pittsburgh, Detroit, and Washington D.C. Chlorides in tap water can also create byproducts that can lead to kidney issues.

Even if you have water free of these substances, you may still have water from your tap with odd tastes or odors. You don’t have to settle for using this water in your home.

How to Get Pure Water in Your Home

A reverse osmosis purification system for your water removes 96% of dissolved solids in the water. This method produces purer water than distillation or filtration. The space-saving design we use fits comfortably under your kitchen sink, and it can produce up to 50 gallons of purified water daily.

If you want to have cleaner water from your kitchen tap, don’t rely on the city’s tap water. Contact us at Best Home Water Treatment Systems, instead. We can install a reverse osmosis system to purify the water delivered to each tap where you have one of these systems installed.

Live healthier by enjoying purified drinking water in your home’s kitchen. Call us at Best Home Water Treatment Systems at 951-737-1500 to learn more about our reverse osmosis system or our whole home water filters. You can also schedule an appointment if you are ready to have one of these installed in your home.


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