Most homes in the United States suffer from hard water stains, lime deposits, and truncated plumbing lifespans due to hard water. If you have these problems, the easiest solution is a whole-home water softener. This system uses sodium ions to remove the components in water which makes it hard. But, some people don’t like the taste of softened water. Adding a reverse osmosis system to your home gives you the best drinking water possible.

What Does a Reverse Osmosis System Do?

A reverse osmosis system sends water through multiple filters to remove almost 100% of contaminants. In fact, it is so good at removing contaminants that it can make processing salt out of seawater possible. Therefore, if you have a whole-home water softener and want to remove the salt from the water before drinking it, a reverse osmosis system will help.

Why You Should Pair a Whole-Home Water Softener with a Reverse Osmosis Purifier

Water quality is not the same as taste. High-quality water is safe to drink. However, quality water may not taste like your favorite bottled water brands. For instance, many people find that they don’t like the taste of water from a softener, though it is perfectly safe to drink. A reverse osmosis purifier removes the salt from the water that can impact the taste, producing even better-tasting water.

Why You Can’t Use Just a Reverse Osmosis System

While a reverse osmosis purifier can reduce water hardness, these systems cannot produce enough purified water to serve your entire home. That’s why you only see these installed on one spot. It will not fix issues that happen throughout your home from hard water, including water spots on your dishes or lime deposits on your shower. To prevent these problems, you need a whole-home solution to soften your water.

Contact Oceanus to Get Both a Reverse Osmosis Purifier and Whole-Home Water Softener for the Best Tasting Water

Why stock up on bottled water when it only wastes money and creates extra trash? Equip your home with a pair of water treatment options that will give you the best-tasting water that also protects your plumbing. A whole-home water softener keeps your plumbing protected from hard water deposits while a purifier removes any salt or other contaminants from the water to give you great-tasting, healthy water from your tap. Contact us at Oceanus today to find out how to get both in your home.