Your single-tap reverse osmosis water purifier does an excellent job of removing dissolved minerals and other impurities from your drinking water to produce the best-tasting water you can get. However, this purifier does not do anything for the minerals in the water throughout the rest of your home. In fact, a whole-home water softener works in tandem with a water purifier to both treat the water and improve its flavor.

The Job of a Single-Tap Purifier

Reverse osmosis water purifiers or single-tap filters only remove compounds from the water at that tap. Reverse osmosis purifierssend the water through multiple filters, which limits the amount of water these units can treat daily. Therefore, you will need to install one on every faucet you want purified water from. Most people choose either the kitchen faucet or refrigerator water dispenser for this unit.

Reverse osmosis is one method used to effectively soften water. However, due to limits on the amount of water treated, a reverse osmosis purifier is not enough for your whole home.

Whole-Home Water Softener Pros and Cons 

With a whole-home water softener, you get softened water at every tap. If you choose a model with filtration, you will also get better-tasting filtered water throughout your home. However, filtration does not put the water through as intense treatment as a purifier does. Therefore, you may still want to install a reverse osmosis purifier in your kitchen.

A whole-home water softener protects your plumbing pipes, water heater, and fixtures from damage caused by lime buildup. For instance, hard water can significantly shorten the lifespan of a water heater, which means you may not get the full 10-years out of a storage tank model if you have hard water.

Pipes can also become filled with buildup, which slows water flow or creates pinhole leaks. Both issues can become costly over time.

Combine Both Systems for the Best Water for Your Home and Health

A water purifier does not soften all your water to protect your plumbing. A whole-home water softener does not purify the water. Using both gives you the best of both worlds. You have better water that won’t damage your plumbing. Plus, you’ll enjoy the freshest tasting water from the tap.

Contact Oceanus to Get a Reverse Osmosis Purifier or Whole-Home Water Softener for Better Water

Find out more about the reverse osmosis purifiers or whole-home water softener systems that we offer at Oceanus. Contact us to schedule your visit from one of our water experts to choose your model and have it professionally installed. With both, you’ll extend the lives of your plumbing components and enjoy the bottled water taste from your tap.