There is a prevailing myth that tankless water heaters deliver instant hot water. While these appliances heat water quickly, they cannot break the laws of physics. Discover why you won’t get instant hot water from a tankless water heater and what will give you that option.

Why Hot Water Takes So Long to Get to the Tap

No matter what type of water heater you have, the heated water must still travel through several feet of pipe from where you have the heater to the tap that you use hot water from. If your water heater is located in the basement or outside, the lag time may be longer because the water must travel farther.

All types of hot water heater have this problem of distance. However, there are ways to ensure that you have hot water when you need it without waiting for cold water to flush out of the pipes.

Hot Water Recirculation System

The first way to get hot water in your home is through a hot water recirculation system. These systems keep hot water flowing through the pipes constantly. Therefore, you never have to wait for hot water to travel from the water heater to your faucet or shower. However, to ensure that it works properly, you must have a professional plumber install the system.

The downside to a hot water recirculation system is that you cannot drink the hot water from it. Water heaters do not warm water to a high enough temperature to kill bacteria in it. When showering or washing your hands, this does not make a difference. However, you could get sick if you drink hot water from the tap. Therefore, for cooking or making instant soups, teas, and coffees, you need to heat the water in a kettle or get an instant hot water dispenser.

Instant Hot Water Dispenser

Instant hot water dispensers heat water to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, much higher than the 120 degrees Fahrenheit that a home water heater reaches. Therefore, bacteria that could make you sick dies from the extra-high temperatures.

Since the tank for heating the water is directly below the dedicated tap, you don’t have to wait for safe, drinkable hot water. You can use this water for anything. It’s at the perfect temperature for brewing tea or making instant coffee.

As with hot water recirculation systems, you need a professional to install an instant hot water dispenser. We can help you with this at Best Home Water Treatment Systems. Plus, you can have your instant hot water dispenser combined with a reverse osmosis purifier to get pure, instant hot water.

Find Out How to Get Drinkable Hot Water Instantly from Best Home Water Treatment Systems

If you need instant hot water that you can safely drink, contact us at Best Home Water Treatment Systems. We can also help you with getting a plumber to install a hot water recirculation system in your home. By installing an instant hot water dispenser, you won’t have to wait for hot water and you can safely drink it without concerns about contaminants from the pipes or water heater. Let us help you transform your kitchen by calling us today at 951.338.8616.


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